Deadly serious, ‘sex-sells’, author shot to go here.

Dot Gumbi was born and educated in Essex before attending Canterbury Christ Church University College where he graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature (Inc. Creative Writing). Realising such a qualification was of little worth in the real world, he sold his soul and went to work as a creative in the advertising industry.

To date, he has had work published in several Anthologies appearing in the UK, Slovenia, Spain and Hawaii. His first novel The Pirates of Maryland Point was well received (not just by his mum, but also by others) and spent much of 2014 in the Amazon Free Kindle Comedy Top 100  Which he is well chuffed about. He followed this up by working closely with the illustrator Marcel Baker to produce Jurassic Pulp, a parody mash-up thing involving Jurassic Park and Pulp Fiction – which is very funny, assuming of course you’ve seen the films…and liked them.

His latest book is Gumbi vs The World, a collection of travel writing charting his unfortunate adventures in Poland and America (There were monsters, movie-stars, hospitals, and the biggest ball of twine in the world).

He’s now concentrating on finishing his second ‘proper’ novel, a comedy whodunnit involving a Freddie Mercury impersonator, which he hopes to release sooner rather than later because it’s causing him considerable headaches.

And in amongst all of that, he’s got to fix the squeaky washer on the kitchen sink. And DIY and Gumbi don’t mix.


9 thoughts on “Bio

  1. You must let me know when your comedic novel is up and selling. I think you have the ingredients for a delicious story. I’m a big Queen fan from way back. I remember singing along with fabulous Freddy when my own inspiration was lacking. I wish you the best in your writing journey and I’ll look forward to reading more…
    new blogger currently using her clumsy fingers to muck about blogworld

    • Thanks AnnMarie. I plan to post my progress with the Freddie Mercury novel on here – now I’ve told the world I’m writing it, I have to back it up with some evidence. I really hope I get the second half finished this year. I’ve got much more of an idea of the plot now. Queen was about the only band my parents both liked, so their albums got played in car journeys a lot when I was a kid. They still sound great.

      • I remember the first time I heard Bohemian Rhapsody in my car – I thought something was wrong with the stereo- Freddy kept singing from alternating speakers. I thought and still do – what balls to incorporate opera in a more ‘real’ way than most would dare. And the ones that dare are the true artists.
        really looking forward to it and best of luck
        God Save the Queen or at least write about them 😉

  2. I didn’t know him, but something tells me Freddie would find your idea of a comedic novel on someone who impersonates him funny. It’s also funny how many of us keep getting our English lit degrees and expecting to eke a living out of word-crumbs. In any case, I also enjoyed your post on book covers vs. album covers (I think some of that has to do with the “younger” nature of albums and the fact that album design, I feel, is a lost art since many people don’t buy albums or CDs anymore, in a sense avoiding visual art altogether). Keep writing (P.S.: to others who read this, I’m not Dot Gumbi’s mum or relative either, just a random weirdo)! 🙂

    • Thanks for checking out the blog, Leigh. Glad you enjoyed it. I think you’re right – the album sleeve as an art form is dying because it’s far less visible now, it will be interesting to see where it goes. I think it’s shame we are losing album sleeves, because much like book covers, they give a taste of the world we are about to enter. Hmm…this might spark another post about the need to keep album sleeves. Watch this space.

      • Very cool; I will stay tuned. I think people should have more art (including album covers) in their lives, even if it makes them uncomfortable. Another thought is that we’re losing art via e-readers as well. I know on my Kindle (admittedly an older model), I don’t access book art; I just read.

  3. Visiting again just to say “I’m with you there, brother” as far as the degree in English Language and Literature and, as you said so succinctly, “Realising such a qualification was of little worth in the real world, he sold his soul and went to work as a creative in the advertising industry.” Been there, done that, too–albeit as a freelance copywriter in my case. Well, as I wrote before, keep on writing; I’m glad to see your new novel out on Amazon, too.

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