CliffmasGreetings! The end of the year is fast approaching, and so begins a period of introspection and self-review as we all foolishly try to fathom what exactly 2014 was all about.

For me 2014 started without most of you – this blog, thanks to just one post (why do we redesign book covers but not album covers?), brought a lot of eyeballs my way thanks to The Guardian’s John Self mentioning it (I don’t know him) and WordPress making it their blog of the day (I don’t know anyone at WordPress either – you have to declare this sort of thing, apparently).

If you’d have told me at the start of the year that would happen, I’d have laughed at you.

They say (whoever ‘they’ are isn’t quite clear) that you should ‘blog little, and blog often’ – I shun that. The internet is too full of crap already without me penning a blog post about my lunch. I don’t know what this blog is about yet (aside from trying to flog you books by the truck load, using deft and cunning subterfuge to do so…like this little linkette…hereoh, I wonder where it goes). What I do know is that blatant self promotion is boring (for everyone). And I hate it. So I’ll try and keep things interesting without turning this site into a textual version of QVC. I hope the 34 blog posts this year are testimony to that.

2014 saw a lot of stuff happen to me on and off the page. I published Jurassic Pulp (a Jurassic Park / Pulp Fiction mash-up) and broke into the Free Kindle Comedy Top 100 (with both books). Pirates of Maryland Point did crazy numbers this year, and was in the Top 100 more weeks than it was out of it. Again, if you’d said that at the start of the year, I would’ve laughed.

However, I got less writing done than I wanted, and read far less than I should. Next year should be different though, for unlike 2014 I won’t need to move house twice. Nor completely redecorate a place. Real life has a habit of throwing up things that threaten the things you love doing – it’s hard to balance that out, but I hope to get better it, for my sanity more than anything, because ideas are no longer queuing up but boiling over (mixing my metaphors there – oooh, classy).

So, what exactly does 2015 hold?

More work, hopefully much more. Gumbi vs The World should be ready in early 2015 – I’ve seen preliminary illustrations and had feedback from proof-readers – everything looks good. Friends have been badgering me to publish it for years…so can’t wait to finally hand them a finished copy.

After that, the world’s most complicated whodunnit involving a Freddie Mercury impersonator will hopefully be finished, but like Mystic Meg, I can’t make a solid prediction on how anything long term will pan out. You’ll have to stick with me.

Which just leaves me to say, thanks to those that have stuck with me this year, and those that have subscribed, commented, followed and said ‘hello’ – thanks very much, hope you’ve enjoyed it, and hope to see you back for more next year.

Feliz navidad,



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