blues-brothers-megaphone-resized-600Morning campers! Good news. For today, and today only, both Jurassic Pulp and The Pirates of Maryland Point are free on Kindle. Yup, that’s two mind-bending, far-fetched, rib-tickling comedies that can be yours for just two easy mouse clicks.

If you caught sight of the Kindle chart last week, you’ll have noticed ‘Pirates…’ went as high as #33 in the Free comedy chart – which is awesome. For a brief time it was even within sniffing distance of professional far-fetched-fictioner Robert Rankin. To put that in perspective that’s like a beer-belly league footballer getting to play on the same pitch as Gary Mabbutt.


Downloads in July were what the kids might call ‘off the hook’. It’s only word-of-mouth that’s carrying these books so I want to say a really BIG thank you to everyone who’s talking about them and recommending them. Also thanks to everyone who follows me on twitter and puts up with the book plugging. At times I feel like the Blues Brothers, rolling about shouting at anyone in earshot. And if it worked for them…I’m hoping it can work for me.

“Keep them doggies rollin’, Rawhide!”


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