I hope you’re sitting down because this news will weaken your knees fo’sure. I’m pleased to announce that this year I’ll release not just one book, but two…yes, two(Unbelievable, I know). With Jurassic Pulp successfully launched back in March, I thought things would be quiet until 2015 when my Freddie Mercury comedy appears, but…due to popular demand (meaning my friends/family have been bugging me) I’ve decided to compile some travel writing I did a few years ago.


I know…I know…the world needs more self-published travel writing as much as it needs more pictures of food on Facebook. And I’ve resisted publishing my adventures for eight years for exactly this reason – travel writing is two-a-penny. Everyone’s been abroad and had something funny happen to them. At least, it was funny at the time, but often when you come back and explain to your relatives about how the waiter mixed up the orders and you had two deserts – well – it’s just not funny, is it?

At least that’s what I think.

So, if I feel like that, why did I bother to write about my travels in the first place? Because some really really really odd things happened. I don’t just mean waiters cocking up orders, or being given the wrong room. I’m talking about scamming a coffee with a film star, meeting the man with the biggest ball of twine in the world and hunting a hodag. And I wouldn’t have written any of it if I hadn’t been hospitalized in a remote part of Poland one New Year’s Eve.

Yeah…it’s not your usual travel writing. Hospitals and Hollywood. And none of it intended.

The writing up of these travels was as much an accident as the travels themselves. I was bored in hospital in Poland and started writing, and before I knew it, I had a few thousand words. They proved popular with friends back home, and even now years later I’m asked if I’m ever going to publish them. Well…that time has come. I shall and I will. Gumbi vs The World will be published October 2014. I’d publish sooner but my proof-reader has threatened to kill me if I rush to publish again…apparently it needs more than three proof-reads. Pffff….as I found out from traveling, life’s too short for that.