Yes, as ludicrous as it seems Jurassic Pulp, my parody mash up thing has made it into the hallowed den of literature that is the New York Public Library. And there’s photos to prove it too! Some may say these are doctored, and to some extent they are, as the girl with the groovy glasses is a Doctor. And if someone so eminent and learned sees it fit to put Jurassic Pulp in such a cauldron of knowledge, who am I to question them? They clearly know what they are doing.

20140318_163622 (1)


The doctor in question here is Monika  Kraszewska, who, when not being fiendishly clever doing science things I don’t understand, likes to help me promote my books. Last time out she did such a good job plugging The Pirates of Maryland Point (still selling by the way), I got a radio interview, a mention on BBC6Music, newspaper coverage and a plug by Jon Morter (the hero who got Rage Against The Machine to number one at Christmas). Yeah, Doctor Monika did good. She said she was too busy to help promote Jurassic Pulp (understanable, she’s got a wedding to organise) but she still found time in her holiday to get me into the New York Public Library.

When I come round to launching my next book (probably 2015), I’m hoping Dr Monika and her husband can get me plugged on Mars. (You think I’m joking…I’m really not).