Ha, see what I did there? Used some cunning question to reel you in! I’m a blog-like genius. Or not. Let’s get on with it…

Sound the trumpets for my latest novel is out now! Yup, Jurassic Pulp, a parody mash-up of the most bonkers order, has hit the digital shelves and is available on Amazon and should be available through book shops, Barnes and Noble and the iBookstore shortly.

Still not excited? Well…cast your eyes on this superb trailer put together by award-winning filmmaker Joe Dearman. (If you want to see his award-winning film with Giles Paxton, you can check it out here)

How about that trailer, eh? It’s a beauty. Must say the voiceover bloke sounds rather butch. As always, if you dig it, please share it.

Where were we? Oh, yes…

In all, Jurassic Pulp took about a year to complete (from the mad light-bulb moment of the idea to loading it up on Amazon). As ever friends and colleagues were very supportive chipping in with ideas and suggestions (some of which were just too bonkers, even for me) but it all came together nicely. To use a cliche, I let it write itself. I didn’t try and stretch scenes, I didn’t try and force gags. I plotted a loose line that stitched the two stories together and found that they went together so much better than expected.

Sales have been fairly steady since the launch. The book has gone international with sales in UK, Australia, USA, and the Netherlands. (To be fair, if I ever do a book tour I’d like the places a little closer together than that. And maybe warmer. So, if you’re reading this in Antarctica and are thinking of buying it, don’t do it until you’re much closer to the equator. Thanks.)

If parody mash-up nonsense if your kinda thing, may I point you in the direction of Jeff Burk, author of Shatnerquake – yup, Shatnerquake – you already know it’s going to be awesome, you don’t need me to tell you the plot.

Until soon.