A really good creative writing anthology, honest guv. – Chelmsford Writers’ Group


Some more breaking news, this time from just before Christmas – the talented scribes at my local creative writing group put together a rather good anthology. How do I know it’s good? Well, it was my idea to put it together – the quality of writing at the Chelmsford Writers’ Group has been top notch over the last twelve months. I’d come home from each meeting buzzing with ideas and inspired by other peoples work. I wanted to re-read the stories and lo, the idea for the anthology was born. Fifteen short stories and fourteen poems encompassing: murder, ghosts, the end of the world and a sentient beach-ball, not to mention a robot-ninja-pirate too.

Currently, our group has a great mix of writers who work in different genres and styles, some are new to writing and some have been published previously, and together we’ve whipped up what I think is a pretty stonking book.

As this is my blog, I should at least plug myself, and say that I’ve got a story in there too,  a semi-serious twilight-zoney piece that is 100% pirate free.

If you want to have a nose, or even part with some cash for a copy, you can find it on Amazon or Lulu for £4.99.

It’s not available for Kindle yet (though I can’t say when it will be…I need to format it, and I refuse to release it on Kindle until it’s been properly tested on different devices. I’m a stickler for technical quality, sometimes.)