Double check your bags – an update on the Jurassic Park Mash-Up


Been a bit quiet on the blog front this month. A holiday took me away from the internet for a few weeks. It was meant to be a productive two weeks sitting in the sunshine, drinking cocktails from a coconut as I unleashed the red editing pen on the Jurassic Park manuscript. However, that plan was royally ballsed up by me forgetting to take my hand luggage with me, which meant that whilst I was in a quiet one donkey town in Crete, my manuscript was languishing back in the UK.

I was none too pleased with myself, I can tell you. Fearing an onset of colossal boredom in a resort with less amenities than Tom Hanks’s island in Castaway, I took evasive action and secured a pad and some pens at the airport, in the hope I might actually write something whilst away. I had no idea what, but frankly even scribbling out a shopping list would’ve been better than nothing.

There was success and failure. I returned to the UK two weeks behind on Jurassic Park, but had broken some very interesting new ground on my Freddie Mercury comedy. By my estimation I scribbled 13,000 words whilst away, which for me is good going. However, it’s far short of the speed required by those lunatics that do NaNoWriMo and try and write a novel (80,000 words) in a month.


The ‘Jurassic Putt’ scene in the novel – Illustrated by Marcel Baker

So, what can I tell you about Jurassic Park? Annoyingly, not a lot at this stage, other than, it’s coming together nicely. Marcel Baker has provided more excellent illustrations (see above) and I’m currently doing the un-fun bit – wading through the manuscript and weeding out not just typos but bugs that trip Kindles and iPads out. Thankfully this manuscript is a lot shorter than my previous effort The Pirates of Maryland Point, so hopefully won’t take as long. Expectation is still to publish August or September at the very latest.

I look forward to revealing the title and concept a little nearer the time. The reason for keeping it hush-hush is partly to do with my paranoia that if I give the title away too early, some NaNoWriMo hack will churn out a manuscript quicker than me and beat me to the pole. And I don’t want to be Scott to someone’s Amundsden.